A global tech company achieves high tech Industry’s best CPL rate and 448% higher ROI

A large tech giant wanted to promote a business continuity assessment tool to mid and large manufacturing and retail firms across APAC. The aim was to gain more business intelligence into these firms and generate leads as obvious next steps.


results achieved


CPL High-tech Industry’s best CPL rate


lead to MQL ratio

The Challenge

The key challenge was to reach out to the right decision-makers within the target accounts and generate interest for the assessment tool. We noticed that the assessment questionnaire was lengthy and had reservations about the conversion ratio but decided to go ahead with the initial plan and optimize along with the campaign

The Solution


We carried out detailed persona research to identify the more likely audience who might be interested in the assessment tool, to gain insights we used both publicly available information as well as some paid platforms. We then carried out an analysis on the most ideal customers and zeroed in on the companies whom we want to go after.

Once we had the list of companies and potential audience functions/roles, we shifted our focus to scrapping the details. In tandem, we worked on the right content mix (Videos, graphics, and images) to address the audience’s journey.

Campaign Execution

We selected LinkedIn and programmatic display ads for the campaign and employed them at all stages such as awareness, prospecting, and retargeting. We tested multiple content pieces, optimized the landing pages, and made tweaks along with the entire duration of the campaign. We had a well-defined lead funnel in place allowing us to separate the stalk from the fodder ensuring better lead quality.

Lead capture and reporting

The leads were further passed through Msights, a data management and automation platform for lead classification, reporting, and collaboration.


We successfully generated 300 plus MQLs at the Industry’s best cost per lead cost of $18 and average conversion ratio of 4.5%

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