Unlocking Rapid MQL Growth: A LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing Triumph for an Insurance Automation SaaS Firm


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Our client, a mid-sized insurance automation company with a strong international footprint in SEA, Europe, and the Middle East, aimed to generate high-quality C-level leads for their specialized automation solutions. This case study illuminates how we achieved an extraordinary outcome, generating over 100 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) in three months with an impressive 45% conversion ratio.

The Challenge

As a specialized firm in a niche industry, our client faced the complex task of identifying and engaging the right accounts and decision-makers. The high Cost Per Lead (CPL) further complicated matters, necessitating a more efficient and streamlined approach.

The Solution

1. Enhanced Targeting Techniques:
Database Utilization: We leveraged the client’s existing email and customer database to refine our targeting parameters. This database contained over 10,000 contacts that fit the profile of an ideal customer, possessing both the budget and decision-making authority.

2. CPL Optimization and Quality Lead Generation:

  • Awareness Phase: In the initial stage, we deployed 1-minute top-of-the-funnel brand videos to foster awareness and capture interest.
  • Consideration Phase: We then offered resources like whitepapers and case studies to engage and educate the prospects, effectively building credibility.
  • Conversion Phase: To catalyze the decision-making process, we presented free trials and product demonstrations, allowing prospects to experience the benefits first-hand.

3. Effective Campaign Execution:

  • Strategic Integration: We amalgamated LinkedIn account-based marketing with retargeting techniques for maximum effectiveness.
  • A/B Testing: Rigorous testing of various creative assets, copies, and ad formats was conducted to identify the optimal mix for our campaign.


  • Our methodical approach yielded stellar results:
  • 100+ MQLs in Three Months: A remarkable testament to the campaign’s efficacy.
  • 45% Conversion Rate: Demonstrating the high-quality nature of the leads generated.
  • CPL Reduction: Our tactics not only achieved high-quality leads but did so while significantly reducing the Cost Per Lead, allowing for optimized budget allocation.


By synergizing LinkedIn account-based marketing with a meticulously crafted communication strategy and thorough testing, we achieved phenomenal results. Our solution not only mitigated the challenges posed by high CPL but also dramatically accelerated MQL growth, contributing to a substantial enlargement in the client’s customer base. This case study epitomizes our ability to deliver high-impact results while optimizing resources, cementing our reputation for excellence in the digital marketing sphere.

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