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Journeys and Rules


Primary processes including underwriting, content capture and verification, billing and exception handling


Business rules including STPs, validations, limits, and verification, providing all that you need

End-to-end Underwriting

Comprehensive data, requirements and correspondence in a single module to help underwriters make better decisions faster

Workflow Management

Prebuilt and detailed workflows designed to improve effeciencies with automated processes and case management

Insurance workflow data model

Comprehensive list of rules and data model built on rich industry best practices with flexible and rapid configuration

Underwriting Workbench

Customer 360

The single worksheet that provides you with consolidated customer related information from multiple sources

The Worksheet

The underwriter’s worksheet has all the necessary information including claims, total sum at risk, and case information for faster decision making

Decision Management

Drilled down risk level details, built-in authority limit checks, automated escalation, and prior decisions provide context at the case level

Requirements Management

Initiate, manage and track requirements with custom content and notes, while allowing external parties to upload necessary documents


Ready-to-go assisted assessment rules


Ready-to-go, Quick configurable API frameworks

Unified Communication


Ready-to-go channels of communication


Ready-to-go, configurable correspondence templates

Unified Communication

Multichannel communication with internal and external stakeholders including email, SMS and instant messaging with integration to the core

Compose Communication

The 'Composer' allows you to send predefined or custom messages with case contexts on a powerful on-browser editor

Manage Attachments

Inbuilt email sniffer that intelligently goes through documents and auto-attaches relevant documents to the case

Historic View

Provides distinct communication by cases and with ready access to the historical correspondence

Work Distribution

No-Code Configuration

Distribute the way you want to, with zero coding that lets you change case distribution rules. No coding required.

Share the load

Automatically manage workload for maximum efficiency by allocating cases based on SLAs for team members, multiple teams or even branch offices

Right-Fit Distribution

Set distribution rules based on skills, availability, prior knowledge, seniority and authority or even on agent and customer relationships


Ready-to-go distribution rules

Self Config


Ready-to-go configuration options

Components Configurator

Comes with components configuration console for New Business components subset, with a “Wizard“ driven configuration for easy setup

Layout and Forms Builder

Comes with a forms builder for new forms and a layout builder for rearranging components and creating new layouts

Data and Service Mapper

Comes with a data and services catalog for each component that includes a Mapper UI, APIs, data source prerequisites and prebuilt connectors


SLAs and KPIs

Configurable dashboard module that gives you an interactive view of staff productivity, task distribution, individual and KPIs along with notification triggers based on SLAs

Customisable Charts

See the data the way you want to as Cloudflow Analytics supports multiple types of data displays, including bar chart, pie chart, histograms, scatter plots and many more


Ready-to-go dashboards

Content and Documents


Ready-to-go channels of case initiation

Extraction and Queuing

Intelligent data capture uses OCR to auto-index the fields, pre-populate the data and intelligently queues the case using STP rules

Checks and Notifications

Automatically checks for missing documents, basic policy details and notifies the customer

Content Management

Comes with an in-built content management system that manages proposal, supporting documents, outbound and inbound correspondence, and inbound documents

API and Connectors

Touchpoint Catalogue

Cloudflow API and Connectors comes with a touchpoint catalogue that identifies relevant connections needed to fulfill each journey.

Interface and Interface Contracts

Lets you connect easily and quickly with necessary systems required for Cloudflow journeys.

Data Mappers

Lets you form key connection that need to be fulfilled.


Ready-to-go integrations

Cloudflow Building Blocks

Ready-to-go with configurability

Prebuilt Connectors

Includes necessary connectors to both core and non-core systems for end-to-end automation.

Tools for Custom Connectors

Cloudflow is part of an ecosystem that enables partner capabilities or third-party components that can be embedded into the solution.


Additional Connectors that enrich the workflows or extend to the front-end engagement layer.