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LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation: Everything You Need To Know

89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to generate leads. To maximize LinkedIn for B2B lead generation, you need to have an effective strategy and utilize the platform’s features to their fullest. To make it easier, we explore some proven techniques and tips to generate leads and turn your LinkedIn into a lead-generation machine.

Improve Quality and Effectiveness with Lead-generation Funnels

Funnel-based lead generation focuses on guiding potential customers through steps designed to move them closer to a conversion. Optimizing each stage of the funnel can improve the quality and quantity of leads generated.

The TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU are the three stages of a buyer’s journey. They are a useful framework for understanding the different stages of the lead generation process on LinkedIn.


TOFU (Top of the Funnel) refers to the early stages of the funnel, where the targeting is broad, and the focus is on creating brand awareness and building relationships with potential leads. Videos are an effective form of content at this stage.


MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) provides more in-depth information, such as a content download, to educate and nurture leads who have shown interest in your brand. Examples include whitepapers, which you can create as gated content and share with prospects in exchange for their email addresses.


BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) is the final stage where leads are ready to take action and become customers. This stage involves using forms and trials to collect information and move leads closer to making a purchase.

Conduct Persona Research for Apt Targeting

Businesses using effective personalization reduce their sales and marketing costs by 10-20%. The availability of accurate and relevant data enables you to create well-defined personas and understand your target audience’s behaviour, interests, and preferences. You can use this information to develop effective targeting strategies. 

For example, data on job titles, industries, locations, and other demographic information can help create personas based on common characteristics and target them using the demographic targeting method. Data on interests, groups, pages and content engagement can help target users based on their interests using the interest targeting method.

Moreover, data on website visitors, email subscribers, and existing customers is helpful for targeting users who have already interacted with your brand. Data on the characteristics of your existing audience is essential to target new users who are similar to your existing customers.

Consider These LinkedIn Ad Formats for Outreach

Here are the different ad formats available on LinkedIn you can consider for your outreach efforts.

LinkedIn advertisingSimple Image Ad

Displays on LinkedIn’s feed or sponsored content section.

Carousel Image Ad

Allows you to display multiple images in a single ad unit, providing a more interactive experience for users.

Video Ad

Allows you to share a video with your target audience, providing a more engaging and dynamic way to reach users.

Message Ad

Enables users to start a direct message conversation with your brand, allowing for personal and interactive communication.

Conversation Ad

Allows users to start a direct message conversation that helps build engagement and increase chances of conversion.

Document Ad

Allows you to share and promote a document, such as a PDF, with your target audience, providing a way to share more detailed information.

Leverage These Targeting Strategies for LinkedIn

Here are various targeting strategies you can use for your B2B lead generation efforts.

Demographic Targeting

Target users based on their profile information, such as job title, company size, industry, location, and more.

Interest Targeting

Target users based on their interests, including groups they belong to, pages they follow, and content they engage with.

Matched Audiences

Target users who have previously interacted with your brand. It can include website visitors, email subscribers, or existing customers.

Lookalike Audiences

Target users who have similar characteristics to your existing audience, such as job title, company size, industry, and more.


ABM (Account-Based Marketing) targets specific companies and customer lists by allowing you to reach decision-makers within those companies. This strategy helps personalize the advertising experience and increase the chances of engagement from the target audience.

Create Compelling Creatives That Capture Attention

Creatives should have a clear and concise message with a strong call to action (CTA). Ensure that the message effectively communicates the value proposition of the product/service and its relevance to your target audience. You would also want the CTA to be easily noticeable and encourage the target audience to take the desired action, like filling out a form. 

The use of visuals and multimedia can enhance the message and make it more memorable. The overall look and feel of the creatives should be professional, consistent with the brand’s messaging, and relevant to the target audience.

Bottom line

LinkedIn is a proven and effective B2B lead generation platform, offering several targeting options and creative opportunities to reach the desired audience. You can effectively engage your target audience and drive conversions by creating a clear message, utilizing visuals, and incorporating a solid call to action.

If you’re looking to boost your B2B lead generation efforts, consider leveraging the power of LinkedIn advertising. Our team at Sonder Digital specializes in creating effective and results-driven campaigns for B2B companies. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your B2B lead generation goals.