What Is Inbound Marketing and How Can SaaS Businesses Leverage It?

Inbound marketing and its methodologies have gained a lot of prominence in recent times. And why not? Unlike other marketing methods, inbound marketing is non-disruptive. Furthermore, it promises better quality leads and higher chances of conversion. The core aspects of inbound marketing are suitable for various businesses, including SaaS.

You might have tried several marketing strategies to grow your business? But did they generate the desired results? If not, continue reading as we show how your SaaS product can leverage inbound marketing for improved sales.

What is inbound marketing?

When a business generates leads through valuable content and personalized experiences, it is inbound marketing. It is the opposite of outbound marketing, which is disruptive as your audience might not always want the content you are promoting. Inbound marketing follows a specific approach where your audience gets solutions to problems they are already facing.

According to a HubSpot inbound marketing statistic, inbound leads cost 61% less than outbound ones. So, the inbound methodology is not only fruitful to get customers organically but is also cost-effective. When your SaaS business has a steady flow of inbound leads, it can free your sales reps from the burden of cold calls and emails. Your team can instead focus on adding genuine value to help solve the problems of your qualified leads.

What are the three different inbound marketing strategies SaaS businesses can use?

Here are three effective inbound marketing strategies that your SaaS business can use for increased growth.

  • Attracting strategy

Attracting is all about targeting and encouraging your audience to contact you through the creation of valuable content. The best way to offer informative content is through blog articles and social media content.

You can have informative guides that show how your product solves the problems of your prospects. How-to guides about product usage, running promotional campaigns, and client testimonials are other effective means to attract the right audience.

You can connect with your audience much better by optimizing the content for the best SEO practices. It will involve using certain keywords that your prospects use specifically to search for solutions to their problems.

  • Engaging strategy

Engagement is about making efforts to build a lasting relationship with your prospects and make them lifelong customers. It can be about inbound sales calls and how your team manages them. You should pay special attention to the way your team communicates with inbound leads. More than promoting your business and its solutions, make sure they focus on the benefits aspect.

Your prospects should understand what value is in store for them if they opt for your solutions. Ensure that your sales team has the best training to manage inbound queries. Instead of selling the product and subscription, they should focus on selling solutions and how they will make the life of prospects easier.

  • Delighting strategy

A delighting strategy is to make your customers happy and offer them excellent after-sales support. Your team should remain open to solving the problems of your customers in terms of product usage. As feedback is essential for improving your product, you need to give it thoughtful consideration.

Using surveys and chatbots to collect customer feedback interactively can be a good value addition. Make sure you time the feedback collection appropriately to get the best inputs from your customers.

Benefits of inbound marketing for SaaS businesses

While there are several benefits of inbound marketing for SaaS businesses, here are the top three you need to consider.

  • Builds trust and credibility

When customers find you organically, they are more likely to trust you than if you reach out to them directly. Statistics show that 81% of customers conduct online research before purchasing anything. Informative content and testimonials can help build trust and credibility about your brand.

  • Reduces marketing costs

Traditional marketing can cost you a lot. If not done effectively, there are good chances the returns would not be satisfactory. Inbound marketing is lean and quite an effective strategy in the long run.

  • Drives quality traffic

Rather than getting all sorts of leads, inbound marketing gets you qualified leads. Prospects will reach out to you only after developing some confidence that your services can be ideal for them. It will be much easier to convince and make them your paying customers.

Bottom line

In this age of information overload, you need to adopt the best inbound marketing services that can help you scale your SaaS business effectively. Inbound marketing can help you build lasting relationships and improve your brand presence in the market. It will help you gain long-term visibility and bring qualified leads.

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