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Full-funnel video strategy: Successful tips for leveraging it the right way

Relying on corporate videos alone to boost your brand’s awareness has long become a thing of the past. You need an effective video marketing strategy that includes videos for different journey stages. 

A well-planned full-funnel video marketing strategy can help:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Influence consideration of your products and services
  • Get people to think about your business instead of your competitors
  • Encourage suitable action at the right time

This article explores the basics of a full-funnel video strategy and how you can leverage it for your b2b business.

What is a full-funnel video strategy?

A full-funnel video strategy helps you build awareness, consideration, and conversion at the same time. As your buyers are at different stages of the buying journey, a full-funnel approach targets them irrespective of their position in the funnel. The strategy also helps adopt a different approach in terms of messaging and creatives, which is crucial to hold onto the attention of prospective buyers. 

State of b2b video marketing in 2022

HubSpot conducted a study recently around video marketing. It showcases how video marketing can help boost awareness and sales. Here are the five most important findings from the report you should take advantage of.

  • 87% of video marketers agreed to have got a positive ROI.
  • 86% of businesses incorporate videos in their marketing strategies.
  • 94% of respondents agreed that videos help prospects understand their products and services in a better way.
  • 81% of video marketers believed videos impact sales positively.
  • 86% of video marketers argued that videos are effective in generating leads.

These statistics show the importance of having an effective video marketing strategy for your business. 

Advantages of full-funnel video strategy

Here are some reasons why a video strategy can be an asset for your b2b marketing efforts.

Helps keep up the momentum

Marketers can continue building on the hype around their brand and its services from an existing event with a full-funnel approach. For example, if you conduct an in-person event, you can follow that up with videos that prompt consideration and conversion. According to Google, full-funnel advertising helps improve the reach of awareness campaigns by 75% more than action campaigns.

Promotes sales and increases reach

A telecom company in Chile adopted the full-funnel approach to maximize its brand reach while meeting sales goals. The company managed to reach over 5 million users. Based on their benchmarks, they also had a 66% less cost per lifted user. Furthermore, they also got 600 more sales and a 9% increase in conversion.

B2B marketing video types to consider

Here are some b2b marketing videos you can consider for your brand.

Thought leadership

Thought leadership helps you build credibility by sharing knowledge on key trends, technologies, and best practices. You can establish authority in your niche and engage with your prospects more effectively. Your business can also stand out and build a base to become a leader.


Case studies

Case study videos are one of the best ways to prove your credibility as a problem-solver. You can showcase real-life challenges that you overcame through your expertise. Furthermore, you can offer evidence to validate your claims.



Testimonials are just as effective as case studies for building authority around your business. A persuasive testimonial eliminates fears about inadequate services and investments going down the drain. A positive experience with your existing clients will simplify it for your prospects to consider opting for your brand.


Event recaps

Event recaps service to showcase the successful the event was and takeaways for everyone. You can include highlights of speaker sessions and other inspirational moments. The video can also serve as a precursor to other future events. 


Product launches

Product launches serve multiple purposes, like building momentum and offering information. You can strike the right chord with your audience by sharing authentic content. Remember to ensure the video serves the purpose of showcasing how it can make prospects’ business better.

Bottom line

A full-funnel video strategy is an excellent way to build awareness, improve consideration chances, and ultimately lead to sales. It can attract prospects no matter in what stage of buying journey they are at the moment. When executed the right way, a full-funnel video strategy can help you achieve your marketing goals swiftly.

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